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Regata di San Ranieri

A nautical tradition in Pisa

The historic "Regata Rionale di San Ranieri" is an event that is celebrated on 17 June in honor of the patron saint of Pisa. The regatta, over the centuries, has preserved its structure. The event in addition to solemnize the patron celebrates the ancient naval tradition of Pisa. Pisa was once an important maritime Republic. The San Ranieri is an event full of celebrations that takes place within a day of fun. The city for the occasion is full of people coming not only from Italy but from all over the world who have come specifically to see Pisa in a different light.

The race takes place in the afternoon main over a distance of 1 km, when the four districts of Santa Maria, San Francesco, Sant’Antonio e San Martino will compete on the waters of the Arno. The teams of the districts are composed of eight rowers, a helmsman and a "fitter". The boats seem to come from another age, because the old model still built on the order of Saint Stephen Pope and martyr of 1561. The layout of the race commemorates the victorious Battle of Lepanto in 1571 in which the order of Saint Stephen won on Ottomans. The competition starts from the bridge over which trains and ends in front of the Palazzo Medici.

The victory is not assigned to the ward who arrives first at the finish line, but the team that with your "Editor" will first to take possession of the blue flag (representing the victory) on 10 metres tall goal pole. The flags to grab are three, according to tradition, the last editor who remains without a flag is rewarded with a consolation prize of a pair of geese.


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