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Pieve Santo Stefano


The national diary archive of Pieve Santo Stefano, Arezzo

The "City Journal" which contains stories of ordinary people

Pieve Santo Stefano is a Tuscan village, near Arezzo, on the border between Romagna and Umbria.

Here, in 1984, Saverio Tutino, journalist and writer, decided to create the national diary archive to keep diaries, cards, letters and testimonials from ordinary people.

Words from ancient times and brought together in a physical location that houses these testimonials who can not go missing.


Clelia and the sheet on which narrated her life


Among numerous examples preserved in store rooms some are truly unique.

Such concerns Clelia Marchi, peasant, protagonist of a story simple but extraordinary: the transcript of its history on a sheet.

Anteo, husband of Clelia, disappears in 1972 and the woman, after a moment of deep pain, decides to tell his life using this support absolutely unusual. Because this choice so special? Clelia says always that being the sheets no longer supplies along with fellow so loved he thought of using them as a medium on which to compose his autobiography.

It's exciting to think of Clelia intent on opening the closet of his room, pick the most beautiful linen sheets and lay them out on the bed and begin to write. An intimate and delicate that thanks to the archive can reach many.


Traces of past life and contemporary


A heritage that the store ranging from 700 to the present day, an Observatory on what we were, what we are and that allows you to have a read on the future.

The store and Museum are obviously interested also to more recent testimonials and some years are preserved even email and social media content.