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The monumental Acquedotto Nottolini in Lucca

A tuscan marvel

If we talk about aqueducts thinks for the Romans! But these impressive structures are not designed solely by this great civilization and Acquedotto Nottolini of Lucca is an example!


A much debated

It was in the early 18th century it was decided that it was necessary to provide Lucca a large aqueduct that he would channel water of good quality, thus limiting the use of contaminated water wells. Was the 1700 and not being able to resort to the genius of the ancient Romans, were mathematicians, engineers and plumbers toscani to question oneself.

The discussion on the construction of the aqueduct were long and demanding, but also several projects that were processed did not lead to concrete results for almost 150 years.


Pawls, the architect who completed the enterprise

The aqueduct was realized only in the next century when Lorenzo Nottolini, court architect, examining the various assumptions made above, managed to find an ideal solution. Was the 1823 when he was kicked off the work that was completed, after several vicissitudes, 50 years of that century. The water was taken from different sources on the northern slopes of Mount Pisano, crossed by several layers of stones and gravel to become pure and clear.



The aqueduct, elegantly neoclassical style is impressive and still is well preserved. The Monumental aqueduct Park of Guamo offers walks along much of the length of the architecture, however they are pleasant and offer one of the finest works of architecture in the whole of Tuscany.


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