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Abbadia San Salvatore


The magic of the torches of Abbadia San Salvatore

Every 24 December is renewed in the country the party with ancient origins

There is a small medieval town in Tuscany, on the slopes of Mount Amiata, which turns on eve of so many and atmospheric lighting, Abbadia San Salvatore.

If you want to experience a unique and unforgettable experience, you just have to explore Abbadia the evening of 24 December, who comes on with the “Notte delle Fiaccole“.

Punctual every year, at 18.00, the "ignition ceremony" and the blessing of the fire that mark the beginning of the party. After switching on the heads, each with their flaming torch, Torch light up all other torches built through the streets of downtown, creating a particularly impressive.

This traditional feast dates back to Roman times, to the ancients, in fact during the winter solstice the Sun seemed to collapse and then be reborn. The Romans, on the occasion of the astronomical event, between 24 and 25 December, used to ignite fires propitiatory solstitial to accompany the Sun, newborn, in its growth.

With the advent of Christianity, the feast of Sol Invictus ceased to exist and the Christmas took his place. Fire ritual was not abandoned but a new meaning, as the figure of Christ has always been associated with the light.

By tradition, therefore, the torches of Abbadia San Salvatore and their party, are rooted in these rites pagan-Christians. Also this year, invariably, the città delle fiaccole will be ready to ignite and warm up with its dramatic twists of Christmas.



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