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The legendary sword in the stone of San Galgano

A story that oscillates between myth and reality

Who hasn't heard of the legend of King Arthur and the sword in the stone? A similar story, although much less known, it can also be found in Tuscany. This is the legend of the sword in the stone of San Galgano.

San Galgano: a hermit Knight

Galgano Guidotti was founded in 1148 in Chiusdino, near Siena, and it is said that, in his youth, he worried only of worldly pleasures. He was a Knight of noble lineage trained in the art of war, the irascible and arrogant nature. Soon the existence of Galgano took a different turn and violent Knight what was became a hermit.

Converting Galgano began when he had anapparition of Archangel Michael that led him to Montesiepi. Here it is said that the rider has encountered, within a circular Temple, Jesus and Mary surrounded by the twelve apostles.

After this episode the life of noble continued his daily life, but a second event converted permanently Galgano. One day, during a walk, the Saint's horse suddenly brought him back to the exact place where he first Montesiepi, mink. Again a voice spoke to man requires him to give up all his worldly desires. Galgano followed the will come from above and became a hermit.

The place had to be distinguished from a Christian symbol and San Galgano stuck his sword in a rock by way of the cross. Since then, the weapon remained locked in stone.

In 1185, several years after the death, Galgano Guidotti was declared a Saint and was built on a hill near Montesiepi, a chapel by the circular shape which stilltoday preserves the famous sword of Rock.

In addition the Hermitage, also worth visiting the charming San Galgano Abbey, an imposing and lonely. The building has no roof and at night enjoy the show offering: the Interior of Badia become one with the infinite sky and starry.