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The great tradition of Tuscany

Discover the finest goldsmiths Made in Tuscany

The Goldsmith is one of the most characteristic of made in Tuscany, and the result of an ancient tradition and prestigious. In Tuscany there are many goldsmiths who still work precious metals with all the wisdom of traditional techniques, often combined with support for the latest manufacturing technologies.

On It's Tuscany you can browse and buy an excellent selection of jewellery products of the best artisan tradition of Tuscany, to find the precious gift for any occasion. We discover together the companies that have chosen It's Tuscany to give visibility to their handmade creations.




In the heart of Pomarance, in the area of the Colline metallifere, is the Cavicchioli gioielli, an excellent provider of handmade Tuscan.

The master goldsmith Roberto Cavicchioli creates unique and inimitable necklaces, bracelets and rings: gold and diamonds come together in art creations entirely studied within the workshop and made with great skill and mastery of the tradition.

Each creation is made entirely by hand with premium materials, expression of the finest Made in Tuscany that you could want.




The Centro Servizi Orafi is in Pistoia and from 40 years creates original jewelry, combining the ancient Goldsmith techniques with the most advanced processing technologies.

Passion for crafts and modern creativity are at the heart of the production of the Center: each piece is followed at all stages of production, from design to production, and can be customized according to customer requests, exclusively .

CAD-CAM technologies and laser, the goldsmiths make unique items engraved or Bas-relief, with designs totally creative, also provided by the customer.




The ICUDAL workshop manufactures jewels that are real copyright creations unique and refined style in the historical centre of Lucca.

Valeria Galit offers to its clients the opportunity to wear unique creations, all made from freehand sketches from which then modeled a prototype in wax or metal, the object to the desired finished in gold, silver or other precious metals.

Land, water, sea are the basic elements that inspire the collections of Valeria, who also manufactures fully customized objects, for their clients.




La Bottega di Marco Balderi is immersed in the beautiful scenery of Versilia, in Pietrasanta.

Marco Balderi is master goldsmith since 1986, his creations are entirely handmade and combine the technique with a strong artistic creativity. Gold, bronze, silver and steel mingle with exotic woods, stones, fossils.

Every object is a spontaneous creation, born from the inspiration of its creator, without a coffee table but inspired by the beautiful, from the creative force, the personality of the person who will wear them.




Bola is a trademark of company Matex by Magozzi Stefania, specializing in the production of jewelry designed for pregnant women, in the heart of Pontedera.

The silver necklace is the characteristic product of this company: each pendant Bola, or "Mexican Bola" is entirely handmade with a star-shaped glazed decoration that makes it unique and unmistakable.

In addition to Bola, Matex also manufactures bracelets, pins and necklaces made with high quality materials and natural stones.



Daniela Del Cortona realizes jewelry dedicated to expectant mothers and is one of the first companies in Italy to have made the necklace Richiamo degli Angeli®.

The bole made by Daniela represent lucky Angels, supporters of life and love, dream keepers of pregnant women: all are entirely handmade and totally Made in Italy with raw materials of quality and safe.

The jewel call of Angels® is available in several collections: classical, tiara, called love, Luxury, happy event, men's line. All original in design, unique workmanship.