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Chiama Angeli is a trademark of company Matex by Magozzi Stefania & c. Snc di Pontedera which produces jewelry for expectant mothers.

Chiama Angeli is a trademark of the Matex company of Magozzi Stefania & c. Snc of Pontedera that produces jewelry for future mothers.

A special gift for a waiting woman is the necklace with a silver pendant, which houses a tiny xylophone that produces a sweet sound that, according to legend, recalls the protection of guardian angels.

Chiama Angeli, or "Mexican Bola", as well as having a beautiful symbolic and spiritual value, also has a scientific basis; in fact, when it comes into contact with the mother's womb, it relaxes the baby who, thanks to the tinkle, feels the mother's constant presence. It even works as a clock for the fetus, which can recognize the day from the night thanks to the vibrations that the pendant emits when the mother moves. Its usefulness goes even beyond pregnancy, in fact, it can also become a perfect distraction for the newborn once he has come into the world.

Each pendant of the Chiama Angeli brand is handmade by skilled artisans and has a decoration in the shape of an enamelled starlet that characterizes it and makes its design unique and unmistakable.

The brand of the company Matex, in addition to the classic necklace with silver thread, also produces bracelets, safety pins and necklaces made with natural stones.


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Chiama Angeli, jewels for mothers to be

Silver charm Chiama Angeli pendant necklace


€ 49,00

Chiama Angeli, jewels for mothers to be

Pink brooch with Chiama Angeli pendant


€ 39,90

Chiama Angeli, jewels for mothers to be

Silver Chiama Angeli pendant necklace


€ 69,90

Chiama Angeli, jewels for mothers to be

Coppery coloured Chiama Angeli pendant Necklace

€ 69,90

Chiama Angeli, jewels for mothers to be

Pale blue Brooch with Chiama Angeli pendant


€ 39,90
Matex Snc Corso Matteotti n.165 56025 Pontedera +39 0587 279882