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The company Matex Snc di Pontedera, land based in the heart of Valdera, gave birth to a brand that produces jewelry for women pregnant with the name Chiama Angeli.

A brand inspired by the age-old legend of Mexican Bola, silver jewelry with his heavenly sound it says recalled the angels to child protection in the belly of the mother. The particular internal xylophone pendant would be able to reach the sky, beyond the stars and calling the angels. Behind this fascinating legend it also hides a valuable truth: when the pendant rests on the womb is able to relax the child and let him feel the mother's constant presence with its gentle sound. The child in her womb distinguishes so day and night according to the movements of the mother, protected by angels reached by magical sound that will continue to accompany the small and her dreams.

The pendant is appreciated by mothers for its uniqueness and its meaning. As always, the Moms choose the serenity of their child, and the Chiama Angeli's pendant is the object of Tuscan design best suited for the protection of their children.

The value and uniqueness of the Valdera crafts are an expression of the success of Chiama Angeli. A local culture and a passion for jewels of fine workmanship and great emotional significance.

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The decorated star, more than a symbol

The enamelled star of the Chiama Angeli's pendant, is a symbol of protection and serenity and a distinctive trait that has made over the years, the company's brand unique and unmistakable.

Artisans expression of the territory

Every jewel is produced in handicraft form, in the respect of the traditional manual workmanship that constitutes one of the distinctive lines of the territory of Valdera in which it is positioned. Chiama Angeli is not just it and a good auspice but something. Chiama Angeli is tradition and taste for the workmanship Tuscan handmade, respect of values and use of subjects of first quality.

Matex Snc Corso Matteotti n. 165 56025 Pontedera 0587279882