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Cerreto Guidi


The fascinating figure of Isabella de' Medici

The mystery of sightings of her ghost

Around the "star of the House of Medici", Isabella De' Medici, daughter of Cosimo I and very nice and cultured woman, a mystery hovers.

After her mother's death, Isabella became the confidant of his father, successfully managing the family business and brilliantly representing the dynasty, not without causing great annoyance in the designated heir, his brother Francesco, who began to look with the rise of envious sister.

After the death of Cosimo I in 1574, Francesco became the new ruler of Florence, managing its power without scruple and attempting to compromise in any way the sister.

As often happened in those days, the Lady was forced to marry Paolo Giordano Orsini, Duke of Bracciano, a violent man, uncouth and particularly prone to adultery.

Forced to be absent from home for a long time for military reasons, Paolo did oversee the beautiful wife from cousin, Troilo Orsini, a very charming man and seized. As expected, the two became lovers, but soon came to light their affair Paolo went on a rampage.

To avenge her wounded pride, the Duke of Bracciano murdered Isabella hanging her with a rope, and here begins the mystery.

Soon the ghost of the woman began to manifest themselves in the castle of Cerreto Guidi. The last sighting was on a summer evening of '70, when a boy, forced to stop in the middle of the night for a flat tire, he found her in front near the villa. Its presence has been spotted then at the castle of Bracciano, Lazio, once property of the Orsini family.

If you find yourself in these parts so be careful who crossed for road because might just be the noble Isabella and not a mere appearing of some historical parade in the country.

The star of doctors and its charming character today Cerreto Guidi devotes two evenings in July. During the night of Isabella", Cerreto is transformed into a country of the end of ' 500 with more than a thousand participants, between nobles and commoners, music and dancing. A unique opportunity to experience the atmosphere of the time and take a leap into the past.



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