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Ceramics of Montelupo Fiorentino

The tuscan art passed down from 1400

Montelupo Fiorentino, a small town near Florence, is one of the most historic and famous majolica production centers of Italy. Is from the 13th century that expert hands mould the clay to make pottery of great artistic value, so appreciated by cross, in 400, the seas to land in the main countries of the Mediterranean basin.

Centuries later the art of majolica in Montelupo has remained unchanged and has been handed down from father to son with passion in numerous artisan shops that enliven the small streets of the village. The decorations, strictly hand-painted, make them unmistakable: plant and animal motifs in cobalt blue on white background, inspired by the Moorish arabesques, emblems and geometric figures adorn the vases, plates and vases of various shapes and sizes that are made daily by local craftsmen.

The care, time and dedication that cater to every artifact of their collection has enabled them to be established two hallmarks, the Brand of ceramics by Montelupo Fiorentino and the mark of artistic and traditional ceramics of Montelupo, for the preservation of traditional techniques and achievements maintained according to decorations; the production is enhanced also by the project "Road of ceramics by Montelupo" dedicated to promoting this handicraft product of high quality.

In confirmation of the link between the country by Montelupo and processing of ceramics, for more than 20 years the City Centre hosts the "Cèramica", real Ceramics Festival, a three day market-exhibitions, installations and exhibitions artistic works related to this interesting world.

For fans, not to miss a visit to Museum of ceramics of Montelupo, exhibition space which preserves the testimonies of the production of the place over the centuries.

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