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The Best Off dedicated to mothers-to-be

The perfect well-wishers gift for the newborn

The section THE BEST OFf of It's Tuscany back again: charm necklace for mom with child.

A product must brainchild original; an offer too advantageous to miss.

Did you know that there is a jewel dedicated to mothers-to-be?? Bola is the expression of the arts and crafts inspired by Mexican bola, perfect gift for pregnant women.


The perfect gift for mothers is to protecting their baby!

The new promo selected for our showcase The Best OFf 925 Silver jewelry is dedicated to a different, made in Tuscany and inspired by an ancient legend. This is the Mexican Bola, a small ball with a particular celestial sound, which is said to be able to call the angels to protect the child in its mother's womb, thanks to the presence of a small xylophone from the magical Melody.


A fascinating legend that also brings with it a truth that few know: the pendant lying on the womb is able to relax your baby nice and sound make him perceive clues from the outside world.

The child is then able to recognize the stages of the day, distinguishing for example day and night through the movements of the mother.




Necklace with Pendant Bola: a handmade product, enveloped in a magical legend

The jewel for expectant mothers, born from the creativity of Bola and inspired by the legend of the Mexican Bola, is a perfect gift idea for women waiting for a son.

The necklace with pendant is made entirely by hand, following the tradition of Tuscan handicrafts. Make a special gift and take advantage of The Best Promos Off for 30% discount averere and free shipping!




You just have to look for the BEST OFf It's Tuscany and discover which excellence can have today at a special price!