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Stucchi e Decorazioni, Tuscan handicrafts workshop, work on restoration and produces most of its unique art objects in the laboratory of Colognora, in the municipality of Pescaglia.

In this area where there is always knowledge of traditional instruments and ancient techniqueshanded down with some secrets from the ancient workshops.

Stucco work and decorations has a large experience and appropriate skills to design furniture, decorations and produce plastic and pictorial wall decorative works. Articulated works, both small and large that through a process of collaboration enables synergistically gilding, faux wood, pedestals and plinths parietal imitations of traditional wallpaper wallpapers.

The craftsmanship and tradition are born environments and high-quality artistic interventions, thanks to a wide range of interventions that can be found in the laboratory, Colognora, a few kilometers from Lucca.

Area territoriale



Fine work, suitable for indoor and outdoor use

The painted decorations, or ornamented plaster or cement, can be carried out both indoors and outdoors. In addition, Stucchi e Decorazioni makes different works thanks to its versatility that allows him to create ornaments, shelves, frames, busts and reliefs in plaster. A repertoire that extends to classical painting ranging from fake made of semiprecious stones, the refined decoration.

Stucchi e Decorazioni di Guido e Sara Via San Giorgio 85 55100 Lucca +39 339 6683448 / 351 6041577