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San Giuliano Terme

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San Giuliano Terme is an important thermal city near Pisa. The municipality is also rich in religious buildings and natural beauty.

This territory has been inhabited since the stone age. Around San Giuliano you can find the "castellieri", ancient Etruscan calcareous caves used as homes. In Roman times the territory was divided into square lots, separated by roads or canals. Unfortunately, we have little information after the Roman domination but it can be said with certainty that from 700 B.C to 1200 the entire mount Pisano knew a great spiritual fervor.

Around San Giuliano Terme the most important religious settlements were in the village of Pugnano with the Monastero di St. Paolo and St. Stefano, the parish Chiesa di St Maria and St Giovanni. Noteworthy are also the beautiful romanesque Chiesa di San Marco in the village of Rigoli and the Monastero della Rupe Cava.

San Giuliano was highly contested by Lucca and Pisa. This period of struggle saw the construction of numerous fortresses. La Rocca di Ripafratta was the centerpiece of local sighting system. Three towers guarding the Tower: the Torre del Centino, Torre Niccolai and Torre Anonima. When the Republic of Pisa was defeated by Florence in 1406, San Giuliano returned to be part of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. In 1737, under the Dominion of the Lorraine family, were built of beautiful buildings That Still make up the Spa district.


Traditions and typical products

From the beginning of 1900 agriculture and livestock of San Giuliano Terme have had great development. Pontasserchio, hamlet of San Giuliano, each year revives the traditional fair-market. Agrifiera is one of the oldest agricultural exhibitions in Tuscany, is born in about 1800, and is attended by many companies. On this occasion, you can taste the typical products of the territory.


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