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Just over 50 years old and the enthusiasm of a teenager, Paolo Sacchetti has already built a good part of the "Nuovo Mondo" he aspired to.

From his laboratory, "Il Nuovo Mondo" in fact, a small pastry boutique in the historic center of Prato, satisfies the most demanding gourmands, since, as vice-president of the Academy of Italian Pastry Chefs (AMPI), he feels a strong responsibility to take care of the constant improvement of the pastry of our country.

Faithful to his origins and as an incurable glutton (as a boy with the excuse of the necessary tastings to evaluate the success of the baked products he could eat up to twenty-five pastas a day, while today he limits himself to three or four), not a day goes by that he does not devote himself to the study of the traditional recipes of his territory.

Ever since he opened the Nuovo Mondo pastry shop in 1989, Paolo Sacchetti and his staff have always tried to bring Italian pastry to the top in respect of tradition, taste and raw material, in line with the statute of the Academy of Italian Master Pastry Chefs.

"For each of our preparations, even if it does not have the wheat flour entry in the wording of the ingredients, we do not guarantee its absence and therefore the suitability for consumption by those with allergies or intolerances, since the preparations take place in a place not suitable for gluten-free food."

Area territoriale

Valle del Bisenzio


Territory, seasonality and excellence

Each dessert is created following a philosophy that does not allow compromises, which involves the exclusive use of excellent raw materials and the use of seasonal ingredients, preferably from the territory.

Pasticceria Caffe'*nuovo Mondo Di Sacchetti Paolo E C. - S.n.c. Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 23 59100 Prato 0574 27765