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In the splendid setting of the medieval village of Montopoli Val d'arno, the old Macelleria Norcineria Marianelli, has its specialities within the Osteria del Norcino.

The historic butchery has for five generations selected meats and unique taste, synonymous with excellence of Tuscan cold cuts and of its ancient traditional workmanship. From Montopoli in Val d'arno, country where in 1910 was born the passion of great-grandfather Lorenzo and his brother Giuseppe, Luca Marianelli and his son, they never moved.

Here, in the heart of the charming medieval town lies the Osteria del Norcino, historic restaurant where you can taste the unique and unusual products prepared from the old Macelleria Norcineria Marianelli.

Among these the Stradivario di Montopoli under ash barricaded, an ham cooked with pork aged between 12 and 24 months in oak barrels, where it aged the red wine Barbiglione, and covered in ash.

The restaurant has a rustic and familiar style, a perfect opportunity to try the meat, the genuine cuisine and products of the Tuscan butchery, excellence of the territory pisano. A classic atmosphere, where hospitality and professionalism the strength of the structure.

Each dish is characterized by its unique taste, simplicity and freshness. The attention given to the kitchen, combined with the processed meat and seasoned with care, creates the perfect combination of passion and values of an ancient family tradition of Tuscany.

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Valdarno Inferiore



The love toward the products of his own earth, l bond with his own territory and the passion toward the traditional kitchen, the offer they make culinary tradition of the Marianelli’s family.


To choose to relive the taste for the traditional kitchen Tuscan has never been so simple. The personnel of the inn of the Norcino will drive his own customers toward the choice of the dishes of menù. From here, the possibility to make to be transported by the taste of the fresh meats, thanks to the experience of the Marianelli's family, present on the territory with his own butchery from 1910 and specialized in the workmanship of meats. Bagged and norcineria from the unmistakable, taste present in their shop in the heart of Montopoli in Val d'Arno.

Macelleria Marianelli Luca Via Santo Stefano n. 7 56020 Montopoli Val d'Arno +39 0571466978