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Marciano della Chiana

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Marciano stands on a hill and is surrounded by the unspoilt nature of the Val di Chiana dominated by hills and low mountains. The country lies along the Canale Maestro della Chiana along this path of reclamation.

Macdonald as other towns of this area was the site of the Etruscans and then Roman. To this city belong finds bearing witness to the Etruscan civilization such as ceramic, jewelry and the famous "Torso of Marciano", the depiction of a warrior.

To the Romans, we owe the origin, from Marcianus and their presence is evidenced by the discovery of coral vases.

The village during the 12th century it passed from the domination of Arezzo to that of Siena, which built a fortress, only to be conquered by the Florentines. In 1554 was the Centre of the battle of Scannagallo (known as battle of Marciano) between Siena and Firenze, which came out victorious fulfilled the municipality with the affixing of the lily on the coat of arms of the municipality; then followed the fortunes of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany until the unification of Italy.

To visit in and around Marciano is the Torre and the Rocca di Marciano, situated between Monte San Savino and Lucignano which have preserved the ancient geometrical system rectangular. The dominant position where, on a hill, is also why Marciano was the Centre of important trade throughout the XII century.

The village is also custodian of the ancient thermal baths of Saturnia, a set of springs in a few minutes from the village of Saturnia known throughout Italy. The waters flow at a temperature of 38 degrees and were known for their therapeutic properties even to the Romans and Etruscans.


Traditions and Typical products

Marciano della Chiana campaigns are rich of cultivations of vines and olive trees and the cuisine reflects the Tuscan tradition of dishes like "ribollita", panzanella, pappa al pomodoro and many others.


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