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Luminara di Pisa

The city shines with the light of thousands of candles

Pisa is a beautiful Tuscan town famous throughout the world and a favorite destination for international tourism. On the evening of 16 June, the vigil of the feast of the patron San Ranieri, knows a unique moment that takes your breath away viewers: The Luminara di San Ranieri.

For this occasion, the city shut off electric lights and darkness is interrupted only by faint candle light and playful. The audience is then catapulted into bygone days when electricity did not exist and the streets were illuminated with oil lamps sporadic.

The event is very important for the community of Pisa, a symbol of identity to be preserved: every citizen, without distinction, is involved in organizing the event and is committed to its success.

For a period the Luminara was celebrated every three years until it was discontinued completely in the 1860/70 period. From 1937 the tradition resumed via and, except in wartime, is celebrated with enthusiasm each year.


How to reshape the magic of Luminara?

The preparation of Luminara involves the construction of the characteristic wooden frames, called "laundry", which follow the perimeter of buildings. These are needed to place more than one hundred thousand clear plastic cups, which contain wax candles, on the fronts of all historic stable, churches, towers and bridges along the river . Even the Arno is dressed to the nines and a large number of lamps are floated on its waters thus creating a charming interplay of light. There is also a wonderful final show of Fireworks that usually kicks off at around 23.30.


The city stops

On the evening of 16 June, the housing Interior lights are turned off so as not to disturb the striking effect of candles, and families and friends gathered in the houses of the city centre are to dine and chat in the dark.

Over the years the Luminara, from silent and intimate moment has partly transformed and distorted. At one time, for this gallery, the old town would stop and silence accompanied the impressive display of lights, shadows and reflections. Today, especially in the side streets of the Centre, the nightlife has taken over and the event became more festive and noisy. The area of the lungarno River, however, has remained immune from this contamination more worldly and has preserved that magical atmosphere that has always distinguished the Luminara di San Ranieri.


Pisa and its three faces

When is the Luminaria, Pisa is no longer just a grid of streets and beautiful architecture but also reveals a magical side, reflected suggestively into the Arno. So we remain captivated in front of three faces in the same city: one real, one magical and reflected. The Arno becomes a mirror where Pisa is reflected more beautiful than ever.


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