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L.G. Engineering is a Tuscan company products and services that operates in the field of primary waters, Castelfranco di Sotto in the province of Pisa.

L.g. Engineering was founded in 2007, but it has a thirty-year training in the field engineering skillsin Tuscany with aquifer, of prevention, education and reclamation. The company has obtained patents in the years following a specialization in the production and installation of modern technology involving ecological limescale and electronic systems and Uv equipment debattericidi.

The work of L.G. Engiennering and manager Luca GIannini, is to ensure the improvement of water status of Tuscany, through careful monitoring operation with chemical-physical analysis supervised by accredited laboratories, working even the aqueducts and wells. An important operational dimension that prompted her to expand its services, with clients of various types such as restaurants, hotels, cottages, and wine production.

The company organizes training courses and outreach activities throughout Italy involving professionals to which releases credits on methods of prevention to legionellosis and thanks to widespread competence prepares the DVR under D.lgs 81/08

Un ' Tuscan company based in Castelfranco di Sotto, which successfully operates in compliance with low energy absorption in Italy and abroad, with an extended market in much of Europe and in Mexico.

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Valdarno Inferiore


Water and electricity from Tuscany, a winning challenge

L.G. Engineering has worked for years in water treatment through a highly qualified staff. Technical experts, engineers and surveyors alongside of them collaborate Italian biologists and other experts, with the goal of working in the beginning of the green economy.

A Tuscan company that takes care of the water of their own territory, but also operating outside national borders by presenting itself as an industry leader.

L.G. Engineering Piazza Vittorio Veneto n.7 56022 Castelfranco di Sotto +39 0571 47655