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Merletti a fuselli, handmade treasure of Valtiberina

An ancient art that survives to the modern era

The Tuscany is a region where small family run craft reality still resist and get great satisfaction.

Moving from larger towns up to the smaller villages are numerous shops and labs that offer accessories in leather, handmade jewelry , traditional or more contemporary design products made of wood, ceramics, pottery or wrought iron.

Among the various Tuscan treasures that the travelers who pass through these wonderful hills should know there are the "bobbin lace" from Sansepolcro.

The handmade lace fusilli or bobbin lace is typical of the Valtiberina and goes back to an era where women worked for months to create a unique and breathtaking. Sansepolcro is also home to the School of lace, which is committed to preserve and pass on this dying art, and is a well-known Centre for the production of quality laces.


To know about the bobbin lace:


  • Were the sisters Marcelli, in early 1900, to bring prestige to the tradition of lace in Sansepolcro is also known as "trina to pins. This art was handed down at a Flemish Marcelli religious. Thanks to Adele and Gina Marcelli Space you can find out more about these two figures who were, and still are, essential for economic development and cultural character of Sansepolcro.


  • Don't miss the international lace biennial that every two years sees the town filled up by artisans from all over the world. The event gave way to the lace of being "born again" and to discover new ways to use, interesting combination of lace, contemporary fashion and jewelry.


  • Every self-respecting "merlattia" must have the following Tools: the ferrettino or rather hook, the spindles (sometimes called the lead weights), an awl, pins a pinhead, bobbin lace, linen yarn.


Sansepolcro lace production dates back to the middle ages and even today the Valtiberina is committed to preserve the precious secrets of this art, undoubtedly one of the most interesting and ancient forms of artistic handicraft Toscano.


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