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Nestled in the beautiful artistic frame of the Basilica of Santa Croce in the square, stands La Scuola del Cuoio? founded in 1950 by craftsman Marcello Gori and by his brother-in-law Silvano Casini.

The Mission of families Gori and Casini, Florentine leather artisans, with the collaboration of the Franciscan friars of the monastery of Santa Croce was give to the orphans of war as a means to learn a practical craft with which to earn a living .

Students were taught the differences among the various skin types, methods of cutting it by hand to create a variety of items such as purses, briefcases and other ephemera.

The most gifted students learn with time how to make artistic objects like desk sets, jewellery boxes and art of Browning of the skin.

In may 1952, because of the increasing demand for high quality handicrafts, La Scuola del Cuoio opened its doors to customers inside the laboratories of Santa Croce.

The loyal customers of the school were from the United States. Among these include clients such as: the US Air Force, the Fifth Army and American embassies in Europe and even a personal order of General Dwight d. Eisenhauer, for which he was made a craft desk set in Golden skin.

On 4 November 1966, after several days of heavy rain, the River Arno flooded Florence hitting the Santa Croce district. The injury paralyzed the leather school for almost a year. However, thanks to the enthusiasm and commitment of the family and staff, the company returned to its efficiency.

In 1968, President Saragat appointed Marcello Gori "Cavaliere del Lavoro", suggesting his dedication for a lifetime in a socially just and sustainable that aims for excellence.

Over the decades, La Scuola del Cuoio? had the honour of welcoming many visitors to international fame. These include the Royal families of Britain, Japan and Sweden, the Queen of Greece, the President of the Italian Republic Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, Senator and Mrs. Ted Kennedy, Madeleine Albright, the former United States President Ronald Reagan and former first lady Nancy Reagan and Barbara Bush.

Since 2003, the daughters of Mary, Laura, Francesca and Barbara took the lead of the company together with his sons Thomas, Philip and Beatrice. The Gori family, following the trail of Marcello, continued the great tradition of craftsmanship of products loved and appreciated throughout the world.

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The famous customers who have chosen La Scuola del Cuoio

Many personalities from the entertainment world have products from La Scuola del Cuoio and have visited the artisan shops. These include James Stewart, Cary Grant, Paul Newman, Grace Kelly, Katharine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn, Olivia de Havilland, Rob Schneider, John Houston, Steven Spielberg, Zubin and Nancy Mehta, Jack Nicklaus, Linda Carter, Robert Downey Junior, Will Smith, Patrick Neil Harris and Noah Wyle.

The three sisters Gori are the prestigious motor of the school

Today the school's engine is the sisters Barbara, Francesca and Laura Gori. Laura was a member of the Santa Croce Advisory Council for four years, allowing the Leather School to assist with the restoration and promotion of cultural programs in the monumental complex.

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