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It was 1978 when in Tuscany, more precisely in the province of Arezzo, the Massimo Maggi furniture factory was born, with the push to create an indissoluble link between the art of master craftsmen and contemporary design.

The combination of past and present in 1995 allowed Massimo Maggi, founder and guide of the homonymous company, to create a line that takes the name of Hard Country, which is part of reality for kitchen and taverns with a style halfway between tradition and modernity.

"Each piece of furniture, when elaborated with wisdom, delicacy and love by the hand of man is as if it acquired a soul, its own essence of life", this is the aesthetic philosophy of a company that shuns the laws of the market based on productions in arid and often anonymous series, focusing on passion and quality.

The creations of Massimo Maggi are furniture with a soul, which become status symbols, once inserted in the furnishings of villas and luxury homes. They are chosen to create atmospheres inside ambiances to which the client wants to give a unique impression, which highlights his lifestyle.

This is the secret behind the great success that over the years has allowed the brand to establish itself internationally, establishing itself in the most important markets in the world.

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When the world of furniture meets the authentic manufacturing quality of Made in Italy, creations of timeless charm are born.



The attention to detail, the desire to leave nothing to chance, are characteristic traits that distinguish the products of the Hard Country line. There is no detail that is not realized with due care for that particular object. The products made by the firm Massimo Maggi, are carefully checked in every part and made using the highest quality materials.

Maggi Massimo Via Erbosa, 23 52014 Porrena di Poppi +39 0575 550144