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Giorgia Tuscan Garden is an activity of gardening toscano, who works in the territory of the Cascina and its surroundings.

Expert hands and experience of Giorgia Gauls are born new ideas on how to cure the environments we live in and around us. Tuscan Garden, works through an experienced team of professionals who have devoted a lifetime to this craft that performs commissioned works in full compliance with the requirements of the customer.

The gardening work is conceived as a commitment to the environment, a way to respect him and give him back the splendor it deserves, in the Tuscan style. From these principles also solutions for those who want to have a small vegetable garden to grow through targeted advice.

A new way to provide to gardening, which is not limited to cutting and pruning, but that it is proposed as a service of assistance and maintenance advice to 360°.

The main work of professionals in the grounds of Giorgia Tuscan Garden, are related to the creation of meadows in rolls or sown, pruning of trees, hedges and even killing through advanced instruments accompanied with a traditional manual processing.

Tuscan gardeners you'll ever meet, in via Fossi doppi 139, right in the Centre of Cascina.

Area territoriale

Valdarno Inferiore


Modern technologies side by side the traditional handwork

The gardening work of Giorgia Tuscan Garden is carried out by means of modern instruments able to guarantee accurate results. Machines or treeclimbing that are joined to a careful manual work, indispensable value to keep human contact with the nature.

Experts at the service of demanding customers who require increasingly comprehensive interventions, which does not only concern the creation of a garden, but also a particular formation. For this reason the service is embellished with a dedicated support, able to ensure tools and rules for proper maintenance that can be long-lasting.

Giorgia Tuscan Garden Via Fossi doppi 139 56021 Cascina +39 3774288728