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Since 1842 the family Busatti weaves in the cellars of palazzo Morgalanti in Anghiari, Tuscany. The first wool carding machines date back to the early 1800s, when following the French invasion of the Napoleonic troops decided to install in Anghiari producing uniforms for the Grande Armée.

To dye them blue began to cultivate the plant of Ford, known since the time of Piero della Francesca who used it for its frescoes.

The originally steam powered machinery were electrified 30 years of the 20th century by Livio Busatti and the company hired roughly the current forms.

Even today Busatti stands for quality, tradition, but also innovation thanks to the constant search for new designs, colors and shapes.

The creations Busatti meet every need and taste for furnishing and linens. In addition to important supplies specialise in tailor-made, in achieving that is customized fabrics for the most discerning clientele.

The production Busatti ranges from tablecloths, curtains, towels, fabric panels created in all shapes and sizes. The end customer can request exclusive embroidery or even a fabric with a unique design and customized.


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Busatti: Italian historical Enterprises Union Member

Busatti is a member of the Italian historical Enterprises (UISI), an association founded in Florence that welcomes only the excellences of great tradition and history.

Custom tailoring service, the result of Made in Italy

Each plot was born from the passion and uniqueness of the work that the staff of Busatti is proud to show in their ancient workshops of Anghiari. The production is tailor-made and every single detail is designed to perfection. Each product is refined and embellished by expert hands with gigliucci, hemstitches, embroidery and lace. The company's real strength is the ability to provide highly customized tailoring, creating original solutions for furniture and design, able to satisfy even the most demanding.

BUSATTI s.r.l. via Mazzini, 14 52031 Anghiari +39 0575 788013