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The Architect Enrico Agonigi Studio is an architectural firm specializing in designing new buildings, existing recovery redevelopment construction and urban development, located in Pontedera.

For the architect to design and build a House, a cottage, a country house, is an emotional journey, an exercise in style, of which the architect interprets to make each project.

Contextualize a building in the landscape is the search for a concept of forms and harmonies that revisit and actualize the Tuscan residence, symbol of "Made in Italy" and a unique territory.

The space must be built around those who live by interpreting needs and desires, because the living comfort is achieved with the pleasure of living in a place, feeling right, not neglecting the use of technologies cutting-edge energy and natural resource management.

Enrico Agonigi carries out the design and construction of the most important exhibitions of the Piaggio Museum and is the author of publications on architectural history and literature. In 2006 he was awarded ex-aequo prize of the Tuscany region for contemporary art.

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Enrico Agonigi is graduated in Architecture to the University in Florence, you has gotten a specialization of European level in Restauration of the Modern Buildings and Energetic Recovery. Within his own profession it is creative of projects and unique restructurings.

Among his works:

“Luigi Bellincioni (1842-1929) Ingegnere e Architetto del “Nuovo Stile”, “Il Teatro come Architettura” in Il Teatro a Pontedera, “Pontedera e le strade ferrate, il Tram e il Treno”, “La Lucca – Pontedera – Volterra. I progetti delle strade ferrate in Valdera, Valdinievole e la Pontedera – Livorno”, “Il cimitero monumentale di Riparbella. Un'opera di Luigi Bellincioni”,“Architettura Industriale” in La città delle ciminiere and “Archeologia industriale a Pontedera”.

Enrico Agonigi Architetto Piazza Curtatone n.11 56025 Pontedera +39 058758228