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The story of Chiusi is closely linked to the Etruscans, in fact, it was the center of many exchanges and one of the most important cities of Etruria. Closed or Clevsin places the utmost of his power in the 6th century BC, when for a short period under the leadership of King Porsenna besieged and controlled Rome. In 89 BC Closed he graduated into the orbit of Roman power began an era of prosperity and expansion. Throughout the Imperial period the town is confirmed as the Centre of trade due to the passage of the old road via Cassia. It becomes then an important centre for the diffusion of Christianity of which bear witness to the catacombs of Saint Mustiola and Saint Catherine and the Cathedral of St. Secondiano. The most critical moment of its history lies in paludification of Val di Chiana, reclaimed only in 1800.



Closed is steeped in history and is an open air museum. The national Etruscan Museum set up in a neoclassical building houses inside numerous finds of Etruscan civilization. Not to be missed is the Civic Museum "the underground city", an exhibition set up in underground tunnels and containing Etruscan; as well as the Museum of the Cathedral from which it is possible to enter the labyrinth of Porsenna, an underground route of one hundred and thirty metres forming part of a complex hydraulic system.

Not far from the Centre of Chiusi the Etruscan tombs are: Pilgrim's grave dug into sandstone and dating from the Hellenistic period; Monkey Tomb dating from the early 5th century BC. "Torre Beccati Questo" und "Torre Beccati Quello" represent a period of conflict between the Lords of Tuscany, as erect as rival outposts. Suck on that tower is dated 1279 and was built in the territory of Closed by the Guelphs; While Torre Caught one in the territory of Perugia was built later to face his enemies.

In addition, Closed is located along the path of reclamation, a path out of 62 km dirt road which joins Arezzo to Chiusi skirting the Canale Maestro della Chiana and passable on foot or by bike.


Traditions and Typical products

The territory of Chiusi is full of excellent products such as olive oil, wine and honey. While the streets of downtown, every first Sunday of the month, from 8 to 20 hosts the Mercatino di Porsenna.


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