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Food and Wine

Miele di Castagno DOP

Ideal companion for many cheeses

Among the excellence of the territory lunigiano we find the Miele di Castagno to DOP the only in Italy to own this name due to the natural environment in which it is produced. The Lunigiana, is close to the Apuan Alps which create the ideal environment for the cultivation of chestnuts and for the production of liquid honey, known for its slow crystallisation.

The honey of the Lunigiana, "unicum" Italian quality and quantity of production, delight the finest palates thanks to notes of chestnut. Reddish, dark amber colour with marked and smell strong and piercing make it a unique product. Looks like a perfect match for many cheese flavour as semi seasoned pecorino cheese or goat cheese. Is used as a sweetener for hot drinks, and appreciated for its beneficial effects, "Miele di Castagno" DOP is ideal to start your day or accompany a snack of sliced "Pane Toscano".

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