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Celebrates the 2018 and your baby with The Best OFf

A gift to celebrate the pride to be a mom!

The section THE BEST OFf of It's Tuscany back again: Tuscan Excellence  + Discounted Prices + Free Shipping!

These are the three factors that are decreeing the success of a promo. The third appointment The Best Off starring a "lucky charm" Made in Tuscany dedicated to pride to be a mom.

An offer too tempting to pass away!


Call of the Angels : proud to be-like mum


The third promo selected to showcase The Best OFf concerns the 925 Silver jewelry made in Tuscany by expert goldsmiths: the gemstone composed of delicate necklace with Mexican bola Bola as a pendant, in combined with an elegant Bangle with pendant "Angel" enameled in red. The combo between the necklace and bracelet is also the perfect Christmas gift, whose spirit is represented by Red Angel.

Two jewels full of meaning, meant for pregnant women or for those who already is mom, inspired by the fascinating legend of Mexican Bola. According to tradition, thanks to the gentle tinkling of xylophone inside the pendant, the guardian angels are invoked to protect the small and for pregnant women.

Give a jewel called-Angels is a cuteness and unique to wish all the best for a new mother or a woman who is carrying a baby. Waiting for a child is a wonderful path which can also see difficult times and donate a rattle Bola means transmitting their affection to friend, a sister or a colleague.




Celebrates the 2018, always carry an unforgettable year


"That's 4 Mum!", so it's called the third The Best OFf, is a promo that offers 4 variants of the same pendant, made by renowned maison “Richiamo degli Angeli®, to choose from:

  • Bola Baby Girl
  • Bola Baby Boy
  • Bola Little Angel Sweet Moon
  • Bola Little Angel Sweet Waiting

Four precious necklaces of "classic collection" with four different entities, but share an elegant engraving showing the year 2018, to celebrate the birth or conception of a baby boy or a baby girl.

But not only, for each necklace is always paired with a three-wire silver bracelet diamond Satin Red Angel pendant.

Seize the opportunity, take advantage of theoffer "Take 2 Pay 1" + Free Shipping and offers a sweet memory that will last forever.




What are you waiting for?! Search the logo THE BEST OFf It's Tuscany and discover what excellence you can buy at an unbeatable price!