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Castelnuovo di Garfagnana

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Castelnuovo is the county seat of the "Comunità Montana della Garfagnana", the first historical traces date back to the etruscan-roman. Is in ' 300 that the city stands as an important transit centre of Garfagnana. After a period of lucchese, in 1429 Castelnuovo submitted to Niccolò d'Este of Ferrara, through its period of greatest splendour.

Symbol of the city, in the central square of the village, is "Rocca Ariostesca" which takes its name because, between 1522 and 1525 hosted, Acting Governor of the province of Este, the poet Ludovico Ariosto. The main part of the building dates back to the 12th century, during the ' 300 instead of the walls was extended. Another monument worthy of note is the "Duomo di Saints Peter and Paul" that inside is a glazed terracotta by della Robbia school "Pala di San Giuseppe".


Traditions and typical products

The traditional cuisine of Garfagnana is mostly based on chestnuts, pork meat and on dairy products. In Castelnuovo Garfagnana centers as well as in all you can buy typical local agricultural products: barley, chestnuts, honey, meats and cheeses.

Since the time of the Este, the first Sunday of September is held in a large market known as "La Fiera delle donne", when in the past these, mostly employed in the houses of Lords, descending to the Valley from villages to shop during their day off. During the event the classic "stordellata", in which to enjoy the ravioli with meat sauce and Odorico.



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