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Butteri, cowboys of the Maremma

The fascinating world of the tuscan guardians of herds

Butteri are the Cowboys of the Maremma and Tuscany. What is their story?

Maremma, in the past, it was mainly marshy but was gradually recovered with reclamation that transformed this territory into a privileged place to leave livestock free to graze.

To handle these large farms there were butteri riding their beautiful horses!

The allure of a life through nature and animals


The Cowboys are deeply committed to their work and to the territory and is admirable passion that have towards deanimals, outdoor life and long silences.

The typical clothing of a buttero helps to create that aura of charm that always surrounds this figure: the pants are moleskin, Velvet jacket, the inevitable large brimmed felt hat and Maguire, stick required to work daily with oxen and horses.

Il mondo dei butteri is made up of many rituals and especially from a strong relationship between man and animal: masterfully manage to tame even the most recalcitrant Colt and mark an entire group of calves. Observe them while riding the Plains or the beaches of the Maremma is truly an exciting experience.

Butteri in the 21st century


Today this figure is going to disappear, a decline begun from the disappearance of large estates and cattle ranches. However, there are still situations where this figure, which in time became a tradition to be preserved, is still active.


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