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The restaurant was born from a dream, that of our father, Renzo, inspired by the good cuisine of our mother, Maria Grazia. The idea and the passion took root in 1965, on the hills of Pistoia, precisely to Cugna, in a splendid eighteenth-century villa. Following the renovation works supervised by Renzo, then an engineer of the Agricultural Consortium of Florence, the villa was transformed into what we would now call agritouristic company, the Tasso. Framed this beautiful and ancient building, still existing, twelve hectares of land planted with olive groves, vineyards and orchards. From the earth to the table.

In 1974 our family moved to Marina di Massa, a town chosen by my father for the love of the sea of ​​Maria Grazia as well as for its particular beauty and health, climatic and geographic-territorial uniqueness.

Il Rospo is born, a small restaurant with sea view, self-service and bar, known for the specialties of rana pescatrice al cartoccio, cacciucco alla livornese and the unfailing Fiorentina alla brace. The transformation into a restaurant takes place in 1975, from Il Rospo a Lorens, the name of my father and my brother.

Over time the local, family-run, stands out for good, traditional and genuine cuisine, good wine and typical Tuscan hospitality. In 1982, a few years after the death of his father, mother Maria Grazia had a small wood stove installed where she began to cook her magnificent pizzas. We start to participate in the management of our boys, my brother Lorenzo and me, Elisabetta, albeit to a lesser extent.

With a lot of effort, excellent culinary skills, our mother faces all alone this new restaurant adventure supported by a resistance out of the ordinary and a great inner strength. We owe her love for healthy and natural food but above all our health.

Area territoriale

Riviera Apuana


An ethical choice

An ethical choice in kitchen and environmentally friendly disposal preparation that aims to be carbon neutral. This is the challenge for the future of entertainment.

Nurturing and Sharing, keywords

Nurturing and sharing intended in the deepest sense of the term, this is the most important element for holders of the Bar Restaurant Lorens.

The ultimate intention is to spread, contaminating love for mother nature's healthy food for all who choose to taste the dishes of Lorens.

BAR RISTORANTE LAURENCE DI BRANDI MARIAGRAZIA e C sas Lungomare A. Vespucci n. 68 54100 Marina di Massa +39 0585 243220