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The Triachi Farm is situated in the beautiful area of Amiata, a quiet and charming territorial Tuscany. The family De Triachi is where he has worked since 2000 in an ongoing partnership with nature and its rhythms.

A centuries-old history of oil production and wine that has its roots in the distant past that began with Julius Morganti, called Triaco, that with effort and dedication has managed to kick off what has become a popular family activity.

Today Donatella Martellini with her husband Julius and sons to carry on the farm with great passion and success. How old are the vicissitudes of this genealogy so are olive trees and vines that characterise this beautiful area located between Maremma and the kindly monte Amiata.

The family De Triachi, the vineyards and olive groves that are followed along a captivating panorama awaits those passionate about quality food and drink and live well by which Tuscany and this activity you do spokesman.

Area territoriale



The Amiata territory

The Amiata is an inactive volcano, punctuated by lush forests. The nuances that depict this mountain are the most delicate or more vibrant, depending on season. One thing is for sure, anyone in this territory can only let yourself bewitched by its beauty poignant.

Wine tasting

At the Basement of Seggiano (GR) captive tastingsare organized. The location is picturesque, quiet and cool and local produce combined with the renowned wines of Azienda Agricola De Triachi. A tasty journey into the world of food and wine of Mount Amiata.

Martellini Donatella Azienda Agricola De Triachi Strada Vicinale Le Pozze - Loc. Poggioferro 58038 Seggiano (GR) +39 349 3555954