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Scarperia and San Piero a Sieve


At Mugello you don't sleep

The Grand Prix will turn in the night, in the Tuscan hills

1 June 2 June 2018 Tonight and tomorrow for all night the center of Scarperia and San Piero a Sieve and the Mugello Circuit becomes an open-air theatre. A weekend waiting for the race on Sunday, with no sleep to give life to the longer nights and noisy of Tuscany.

A country party split between the sacral interior space to the circuit of the racetrack, and the Centre of Scarperia, where from vent to unbridled fun.

Every year, at sunset, with the bikes at rest in the pits, the track turns into an open area where you can give vent to imagination and fun without a wink.

The nights at Mugello, an event attended by fans, fans, but also from families, singers, fire eaters and street performers that liven up the most colorful folkloric event of Tuscany, waiting for the riders to fall on the track.

The appointment of Tuscan weekend hosting the battle as favourite track from Valentino Rossi, the most impressive of the entire MotoGP.

In the heart of Scarperia and around the racetrack, the other side of the party. Among the lucky ones who found room for camper, who preferred to enjoy the show in a tent all night music and dancing accompany the noise of scooters and motors frat boys who can make more confusion.

An opportunity to accompany the emotions and live a unique experience, sharing anecdotes and good Tuscan food, between the unmistakable aroma of grilling in the open air and the pleasure of a good wine in a unique setting. In company, without looking to the colors and the stables, drifting from the fun.

One night overlooking the Tuscan landscape of green hills of Mugello, the magical scenery that accompanies this solemn meeting.

"At Mugello you don't sleep", more than just a figure of speech, a famous slogan in MotoGP that annually brings together hundreds of people around the track: a mix of noise and sounds that inflame the evening, non-stop, at the same speed with which pilots compete on the fearsome Arrabbiata 1 and 2 or more exciting tournament on the straight.

The House of the GP of Italy is not only a synonym for curves and spectacular races, but also the symbol of the loudest night of Italy, a night of partying on the eve of Sunday's challenge.


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