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"Chi vuole un buon rapuglio, lo semini di luglio".

Sometimes a proverb explains the rules for a good crop

July, month by month, scorching summer's central to who owes its name and what are the best crops for this period?

July is the month of birth of Julius Caesar (12-13 July), called for this reason with the adjective Julius, which meant the month of Julius Caesar. Latin names of months are actually adjectives expressing directly the dedication or membership. the Latin julius gave life to the many variants in other languages: in English, July, in Spanish is called Julio, in French Juillet, in Romanian Iulie, Julhoin Portuguese.

July, despite its warm climate, is the month most suited to grow turnips and harvests of cereals, but also to sow corn second crop, fennel, beets the Escarole and turnips.

Turnips are a vegetable very easy to cultivate, the only concern that demand is to remember to constantly clean the surroundings from weeds and make watering very often. On average they collect after 50-80 days of planting that corresponds roughly with the end of autumn.

As the saying goes "Chi vuole un buon rapuglio, lo semini di luglio?", people who want to get a good crop of turnips is well to do sowing in July.

The ideal month to grow turnips that are white, yellow, or red violets is the seventh of the year in the Gregorian calendar.