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Bagnomaria, a cult film 100% Made in Tuscany

Accomplishes almost twenty years the film dedicated to the Versilia

Babbo si vede il marsupio”, “C’ho una potenza nelle braccia” “Bagnino cosa fa? Faccio il tiro alla fune con uno dell’isola d’Elba

These are the expressions that have adopted whole generations, become a real cult on the beaches of Versilia.

A double boiler is a 1999 drama film which tells the typical Tuscan and comedy is set in Pietrasanta, where they move the characters played by Giorgio Panariello:

  • Mario, the classic lifeguard versiliese always ready to joke and to entertain their customers full Tuscan Style;
  • Merigo, an avid cyclist, usually lift the elbow with a glass of Brunello too;
  • Pierre, the pr of the nightclubs that loves to do late at night with his friends and they didn't want to go to work;
  • Simone, a lively child fan of Power Rangers.

Four characters, four stories and lots of laughter.

Almost twenty years after its release in cinemas, a double boiler is a movie with its decidedly bizarre but sometimes true, still represents a cross-section of typical Tuscan irreverence and humor.

A evergreen to be reviewed on a summer evening and have a few laughs in the company of old friends.