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Montemignaio (AR)


Waiting for Christmas at Montemignaio 2018 (AR): sweet-based market

Presentation products winter 2018

On 24 and 25 November 2018 at the Christmas Market from Monte Mignano (AR) you can discover and enjoy the extensive selection of jams, preserves and sauces 100% Made in Tuscany at the company Le Bontà di Paola e Sidonia.


The holiday packaging of Paola and Sidonia are eco-friendly, environmentally friendly and nature as their accomplishments.


Autumn is the season more interesting and productive for Le Bontà di Paola e Sidonia: the Woods around us is a pantry continues of berries and fruits that are collected and then processed into delicious jams.

Regina del bosco is the wild rose, follow the Arbutus, the sorbe, the Hawthorn. All these together form the berries jam "Wildlife" available within the shop of It's Tuscany. Glancing toward the garden, that's sprouting lush bunches Tuscan kale. The seed from which dates back to the middle ages (black cabbage curly fiorentino) and turn it into a great chick peas with pesto.

Butternut squash is also time. The recipe that The goodness of Paola and Sidonia presents came from a childhood memory, when mom was dealing the gourd as pepper and promptly stung. From that memory came the "mom's Pumpkin".



You can purchase and discover the products of Le Bontà di Paola e Sidonia on our Marketplace, visiting the store of this renowned company.