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Vapori di Birra is the first brewery in Italy that uses geothermal steam as an energy source for the industrial process brewing. It is based in Sasso Pisano, a small village in the municipality of Castelnuovo di Val di Cecina, Pisa.

The love for their land and the idea of using geothermal steam are born by the intuition of Edo Volpi and his dream of seeing used all the strength of this source. The headquarters is located in the Parco delle Fumarole, an area where geothermal phenomena, also known as the Valle del Diavolo. The company was started in 2013 following the meeting, which took place already in 2011, with the Brewmaster Enrico Ciani; in 2014 begins producing three craft beers: Magma, Sulfurea and Geyser. The materials used are of the highest quality and each step is done with meticulous care and attention. The philosophy of Vapori di Birra is based on the exploitation of resources that nature has to offer, combined with respect for the environment, innovation and tradition.

The company's beer is made through an innovative and ecological plant capacity of 500 litres and follows a renewable production process. The plant has three fermentation tanks for a total of one thousand hectolitres. Moreover, in line with its philosophy, vapours of beer keg keyKeg has chosen to use, disposable and environmentally sustainable. The beer dispensing takes place between the sphere and the inner bag of the stem avoiding any kind of contact with the gas. The taste, by choosing not to use gas or electricity to protect consumers, remains unchanged.

Not just Beer Brewery but is also BrewPub: to accompany the beer tasting you can find local food and wine. The staff of Edo, Luciana and Clare foxes, Liliana Garza, Domelia Rahman, Pascal Giordano and Coop Val di Cecina-Val d'Era is waiting for you to taste their creations in Via dei Lagoni, 25 in Sasso Pisano.

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Litorale Pisano


The main ingredient is renewable energy

The company has made renewable energy the main ingredient of its beers. Vapori di Birra produces seven different types of beer, from whose names we perceive the indissoluble bond with this land: Geyser (100% ale malea blades), Sulfurea (wheat weiss), Magma (double malt amber), Thera ( special beer with chestnut honey), Lokomotiv (wheat blanche), Ipagea (white ipa with spicy and citrus aromas), Academic (belgian ale with malty and fruity notes), Fiamma (special with chilli).

Vapori di Birra S.r.l. Via dei Lagoni n. 25 56041 Sasso Pisano +39 0588 26156