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Tuscany, a region rich in ghost town

View all ghost-town of Tuscany

In the year's Scariest Halloween night, there is no better destination than a ghost town.

In America, the "ghost town" is a well known tourist attraction. Even Tuscany preserves here and there, small uninhabited villages, abandoned cities and ruins of ruins. Discover them all!


Here is a complete list of cities to visit:

  • Formentera, in the province of Massa-Carrara, is a village in Lunigiana that counts 30 dwellings, as well as a small oratory dedicated to St. Bartholomew.
  • Bergiola, village in 2nd century BC in the province of Lucca, was destroyed by an earthquake in the early 1900s.
  • Fabbriche di Careggine- Lucca, is perhaps the most famous ghost village in Tuscany. Located in the bottom of the Lake of Vagli, flooded for most of the year. When the waters go away, emerges showing not only stone houses but even a church and a bridge with three arches.
  • Col di Favilla (Stazzema, Lucca), crossroads of yore, now is completely uninhabited.
  • Lucchio, in the province of Lucca, is considered the country's most entrenched and concealed in Tuscany because of its very difficult to locate.
  • Stove (Vicchio, Italy). The country was once the railway station on the Faentina, precisely between Borgo San Lorenzo and Marradi. Although not very easy to reach, cooker is ideal for those who suffer the charm of old railways.
  • Brento Sanico (Florence, Italy) Another ghost town in the heart of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, within walking distance from the parish church of San Pellegrino.
  • Buriano (Val di Cecina, Pisa) A place surrounded by creepy mysteries, where residents seem to have vanished from one day to another, not even twenty years ago. For this reason the village is so perfectly preserved, complete with a church, mausoleum and monument to the fallen.
  • Monastic Mirteto ancient village in the province of Pisa, lies on the slopes of Mount of Preserves.
  • Rocca San Silvestro in the province of Livorno, is a fortified village of the 10th century, situated behind of Campiglia Marittima.
  • The Pianosa Island in the province of Livorno is the historic jail where he was imprisoned the future President of the Republic Sandro Pertini, imprisoned until 1935 for political reasons.
  • Poggio Santa Cecilia (Rapolano Terme, Italy) Green and forested hilltop lies this village from the 12th century. Giuseppe Garibaldi, stayed there in August 1867 for treatment in the baths of Rapolano following injury in Aspromonte.