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Tuscany, a region "founded" on art and crafts ...

It's Tuscany insert the promotion of artists and local handicrafts in its mission, opening a new category of magazine

It's Tuscany is a territorial marketing project that combines the typical territorial, the culinary traditions and knowledge craftsman with the capabilities of a modern marketplace within which all products are just a click away. The goal is to raise awareness of the excellence in Tuscany and to propose a portal dedicated to all Tuscany Lovers:

Tuscany condenses all the values that make attractive "brand Italy" in the eyes of the world: there is a distinctive and recognizable landscaped, some of the world's most famous art cities, historical traditions that have been handed down for centuries, a antique collection and innovative culture, a series of excellence in gastronomy and handicrafts that have become iconic in their respective fields.

Among all the reasons to make a trip to Tuscany, surely, that the interest in art, understood broadly as appreciation "of beauty", often makes the difference.  The artistic culture Tuscany ahead of its time and has always been home to great men of genius who influenced Italian and international art scene.

Also why in Tuscany art and culture intersect constantly and are often the main driver of the valorisation of places. The pride and the passion with which she lived the territoriality meant that each area developed a sharp wit, a stylistic detail that is looped in with the surrounding context. It is precisely this close relationship between creativity and local identity that allows the Tuscany of combining in himself all the main features that are a source of attraction for tourism and, more generally, the "experiential question" (which today takes the form purchasing choices, products and experiences).

The landscape heritage, culture, and art in a few other places in the world are so interdependent as they are in Tuscany. And products and companies are part of this interdependence with the territories from which they come. For this It's Tuscany intends to promote Tuscany in the world through the products, companies, and people who have made it big.



According to a study by the Observatory for arts and crafts, Tuscany is a region very prosperous for variety of artistic production. This creative and original heritage is rooted directly in the story, full of illustrious Tuscans that were excellent representatives of their art and source of inspiration for later generations. The genius of artists from Tuscany is expressed perfectly in the figure of Leonardo da Vinci, the most brilliant mind of his century and man able to summarize itself the inspiration of the artist and the skill of the craftsman. And it is perhaps this common trait to larger Tuscan artists: being artists artisans.



But who are the artisans-Tuscan artists who continue to perpetuate our traditional craftsmanship, which today stands for product quality and sophistication in manufacturing?

Tuscany is a land still florida artists and craftsmen who pass on the techniques of ancient crafts. They range from pictorial laboratories engaged in works of restoration and decoration, to individual artists who make personal painting exhibitions . There are the "heirs" of the great Tuscan sculptors who compete today in the most diverse materials, from classics like semiprecious stones and traditional Carrara marble, to wood, passing iron and composite materials. There are then many craftsmen in the leather processing and dressmaking.  And how can we add, in this brief review, the goldsmiths and the master potters, who in their workshops continue to shape the material making it of value: the first starting from the precious metals, the latter only by mere Earth. Confirmation that the true value of works of art is in the skilled hands of craftsmen.



If the quality, beauty and creativity are the hallmarks of Italian products are universally recognized, the same can certainly be said for the Tuscan products. It's Tuscany combines into a single portal the excellence of the territory, genuine flavours at craftsmanship. The artistic vocation Tuscany becomes concrete in the long and prestigious tradition of craftsmanship, which has been handed down for centuries from generation to generation. Give space inside a portal of local marketing art and crafts means invoke directly the roots of the territory and enhance the historical legacy that has made this region in the world.

It's Tuscany is the ideal channel to emphasize the local artistic productions, since it combines in itself the most strictly dedicated to the sale and the part dedicated to the promotion of the Tuscan art world through the dissemination of news and information on the topic.

The distinctive feature of the portal is the quality, which buys more cultural importance if connected to territoriality, understood as specific local typicality. Navigation for the territories inside the portal It's Tuscany wants to reflect this concept. From this perspective, the Magazine of the portal will add a section entirely dedicated to the art and local exhibitions, providing local emerging artists not just a sales channel, but also an important sounding board for the dissemination of their work.


To report a art exhibition, event or request information on the portal IT's TUSCANY, write to or call the call center toll free at 800,999,242