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Imperiale Bolgheri is a Tuscany farm, nestled in the heart of a vast green area of Castagneto Carducci, poetic place where lived the famous Carducci and where the atmosphere is magical.

The farm is born and develops their own values on a foundation inherited from distant generations of farmers in the family Frollani. This is where Matteo Frollani decides to undertake a journey started years earlier by his father Enzo, key figure in the territory as one of the six founding members of DOC Bolgheri.

Over the years, Matthew has kept intact the charm of the company, while giving a print through the use of modern methods and innovative products and always sought after, unique and authentic flavour thanks to the fruits of a soil generous.

Imperiale Bolgheri thus manages to become a structured reality, emblem of purity and of eccellenza Tuscany, through the plantations of ancient grains to flour and pasta handmade; and some new methods patented for traditional products, including honey in barrels.

The rich production of olive oil and wine is another fundamental characteristic of the company and for that matter, with hundreds of olive trees that were grown, have demonstrated a commitment to a traditional path capable of giving life to a Tuscan oil highest quality.

Another example? The wine of Bolgheri, springing from the ground chosen by franco-type clay containing gravel and skeleton. Peculiarities which together with the accurate processing of grapes, make the wines are unique.


Area territoriale

Costa degli Etruschi

IMPERIALE di Frollani Matteo Via Ferruggini 155/A 57022 Bolgheri +39 328 7770265