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Strozzavolpe Castle in Poggibonsi

Between bizarre ghosts and Sangiovese Vines

Near Poggibonsi (SI) is Strozzavolpe Castle, best known for disturbing myths and legends that surround him!

There are many stories of ghosts that haunt the walls of this millennial Castle but two in particular have been handed down since the middle ages.

The first tells of a wild animal, described as an enormous Fox ("volpe" in italian language)  or a wolf that terrorized anybody was in the area but in particular Bonifacio, the owner of the Castle. It seems that Bonifacio, exhausted from yet another attack, one day strangled the animal and buried his body in the foundations of the Castle. It is thought that the Tower, which sits on a hilltop, has been impressive and lonely called "Strozzavolpe" precisely as a result of this episode.

Legend has it that the spirit of this vague creature in darkness seeking revenge for Bonifacio.

Another Specter that haunts the Strozzavolpe Castle is the ghost of Cassandra Franceschi, woman who lived in the surroundings of the Castle, killed by her husband because of a betrayal.

It is said that the Queen and her lover have been buried somewhere inside the castle walls and Cassandra, doomed to remain trapped between this and the other world, still wandering the rooms of the Castle seeking forgiveness from his husband.

But ghosts "haunt" seems to have many more, in fact many workers died during the construction of the Castle and were buried without funerals, in a shallow pit.

Besides the legends

But the castle is not only a legend but a fact of unparalleled beauty, overlooking the town of Poggibonsi with elegance. Acres and acres of vineyards have surrounded since the middle ages, the handsome Tower and now here it is produced an excellent Chianti Superiore.


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