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The story of Stenterello, 100% Made in Florence

It's Tuscany tells all

Stenterello is the beloved protagonist of Tuscan Florentine mask, Carnival, and represents thesoul of the Florentines, generous and always have the answer ready, strictly in the vernacular, unable to stir the rice with barbed banter, but never vulgar.

The character was conceived by Florentine actor Luigi Del Buono in 1700, author of entertaining popular comedies. It is said that the author was inspired by a beggar who was often seen under a tabernacle on via della Scala and for expressions, instead, the Assistant of his Barber.

Still today in Florence in via Borgo Ognissanti 4 is a plaque that commemorates the birth of this mask, in which it is stated: "In this Palace was located from 1778 Borgoggnisanti theatre where Louis Del Buono (1751 – 1832) created the form of Stenterello, popular character fiorentino prankster, mocked and quick-witted remained in memory ".

To give a name to this mask was the public Tan as the one "who seems barely grown", hence Stenterello.

In fact, this character doesn't have physical prowess but is very clever; Captain to him a lot of trouble but always manages to win, thanks to the positive spirit with which tackles all situations.  The audience is presented with a colorful costume, untidy and never without a penny in my pocket.