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The "luoghi d'esperienza" by Mauro Staccioli

Discover Volterra and its countryside from an original point of view

In Volterra there is a path marked by the minimalist geometric sculptures of cyclopean dimensions can blend perfectly with nature and Etruscan and medieval architectures that characterize the Cecina Valley.

This is the great "environmental" works made by one of the fathers of contemporary art Mauro Staccioli, and installed in 2009 for the exhibition "luoghi d'esperienza". Ten of the eighteen then placed have remained in the territory, turning it into a open air museum.

These sculptures through which the artist reinterprets and relives childhood memories and the volterrano landscape, very dear to him. One way to see the countryside surrounding Volterra through changing frames, becoming subjects ideal for photo enthusiasts, art and nature.

Each installation seems to converse with Volterra which always remains visible in the background, allowing observers to watch the scenery differently and with new eyes.

Among the most significant examples, Primi Passi, in the locality of Piancorboli, an ellipse that frames the landscape below like the frame of a painting. The work was created with the intent to emphasise to the district and the abandoned farmhouse there present, "sites of experience" relevant for Staccioli because grandparents House and environment in which he grew up.

In an ideal location to discover the works of Mauro Staccioli, another is Corbano an inverted triangle place a small Romanesque church in Santa Lucia in Corbano; the great arch toppled San Giacomo in Fognano, in the locality; l'Anello in Poggio San Martino and La Boldria and Tondo Pieno, placed within walking distance of each other along the STR 68.

The art that speaks of life and that is done through values and meanings that transcend the shape, this are the works of Mauro Staccioli. Art installations that allow you to explore the beautiful town of Volterra and its countryside from a different point of view.



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