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The selection of Tuscan wines of Poderi di Garfagnana

The excellence of natural production, born from passion and love for their land

Today we talk about a wine production of excellence, of Poderi di Garfagnana Società Agricola s.s., born in 2002 to create some products with an unmistakable Tuscan flavour, based in Camporgiano, Lucca.


The secrets of a Tuscan wine and its production naturally

The uniqueness of the wines of Poderi di Garfagnana is the use of indigenous varieties of their area of origin. A series of mountain Tuscan IGT Wines, sons of vines cultivated at an altitude of approximately 600 mt

The entire production of wine comes from vineyards do not undergo intensive treatments, because Farms what matters is not the increase in production, but its quality. For this each grape is scrupulously checked by ensuring high standards of quality.

A crop by hand, not aggressive and you need only a very limited use of agricultural vehicles; in line with the ethical values of the winemakers and with the contours of the land, which always requires and wants a strong human component.


The selections of Poderi di Garfagnana Tuscany in Edinburgh

The agrarian society that takes care of the production process has a wide range of wines. From simple, yet genuine and with its own unique taste, those considered elite in February travalicheranno national borders to disembark at the Edinburgh event organized by IT's TUSCANY where will represent our territory.

These wines are an expression of our land, the unique taste and genuineness that always makes the production excellence.

Just think of the Red or white Farms, wines made using grapes provided by local farmers, but also from the company, maintaining the status of IGT Toscano and the elite series in question.

These include the Fopola, a red wine made of four indigenous grapes selected and from an accurate and exclusive manufacturing company. The Polla, composed of Chardonnay and Muller Thurgau; and Riana where uses the grapes Trebbiano and Malvasia bianca.


From wine tasting in the cellar, direct to your door

Poderi di Garfagnana is selling, but also tasting. Don't miss the opportunity to go and discover the secrets of a unique production, directly in the heart of the agricultural society.

A short walk from the old town of Camporgiano, home production, you can spend a wonderful day full of good food and Tuscan taste.

Inside Poderi di Garfagnana's winery, contemporary setting that does not give up the traditional charm of the premises, guests can taste the typical dishes of Tuscan cuisine local.

Each one is carefully matched to wines produced by the company and you have the unique opportunity to learn, through educational programs, knowledge of wine art which made it famous around the world producing Tuscan wine in the world.

Try the wine tasting in the cellar, or if you'd prefer to just get straight to your home the Tuscan wine estates.


On IT's TUSCANY you can take Poderi di Garfagnana's wine comfortably at home with just a click!