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The road of Lunigiana which goes downhill ...

Curiosity and secrets of a little-known Tuscany Street

Is there a place in Lunigiana that always defies the laws of physics, a road linking the village of Caprio in Filattiera known as the road that rises descending.

The road, a few kilometers in length, has a straight section that at first glance seems to rise, when in fact, follow it, continues downhill.

The long road which connects Caprio with Filattiera is not the only one to present this peculiarity, and still today in many cases you were unable to explain the mystery of this phenomenon. A curiosity that has ancient origins, and that has driven many people to continue to test in person with the strangest instruments this curious place in Tuscany.

Some argue that the road is affected by magnetic forces, others that everything can be explained through an anomalous radioactivity which surrounds it, but we It's Tuscany we want to try to give a more precise explanation!


The secret of Caprio that rises discending

Despite who traveled claims that in the uphill section objects used for experiments seem to go backwards, the most likely reason is that this is an optical illusion.

The stroke that appears uphill is actually a slight downhill which throws an illusion at the optical field due to the fact that the descent is anticipated or followed by a slope that generates in the eye a misleading reference. In some cases it is a particular geographical boundary is deceiving.


In the case of our street don't know what gives life to this feature, but the fact is that the deception of the eye plays a decisive role, creating an opportunity to go and visit the magnificent Lunigiana and its surroundings.



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