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The Negroni cocktail more drank at world 100 years accomplishes

History and interesting facts about a drink all Made in Tuscany

This year the Negroni, one of the most popular cocktail in the world, off 100 candles. His birth dates back to 1919, although most likely storm the scissors is that between 1917 and 1920.

A third of Red martini, a third of campari and one third of gin, served with half a slice of Orange, a few ingredients for a unique blend of aromas and taste.

The Negroni was born in Florence to coffee Houses of Via de ' Tornabuoni, today Caffè Giacosa and passed to the family horses. Currently the historic bar is closed.  According to legend, this famous bar Florentine was the haunt of Count Camillo Negroni.

One afternoon the nobleman, after returning from a trip in the United Kingdom, he asked the barman to modify his drink by adding a splash of gin instead of soda water, distillate that channel had greatly appreciated.

And so other patrons, intrigued, they begin to order "a fashionable American count Negroni," then simply "Negroni."

Since then the Ruby Red cocktail goes around the world, comes to America, they fall in love, back in Italy, and during the Dolce Vita becomes a myth, symbol of that slow time that tempts to the whole world.

We at It's Tuscany, free gift this whole cocktail made in Tuscany wishing him to spend another hundred years on the counters of bars all over the world.