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The main events related to Leonardo da Vinci

The discovery of "genius". Renaissance man who made the world

There are timeless characters, never forgotten for their ability to have tangible left its mark in history. One of them is Leonardo da Vinci, the "Genius" par excellence, which occur in 2019 the 500 years after his death.

The genius of the Renaissance, Tuscan heritage icon around the world

Leonardo da Vinci has been and continues to be all that nobody has ever been: painter, sculptor, inventor, but even military engineer and also a scenographer, anatomist, world-renowned scientist and thinker.

He, who best embodies the Renaissance man, was not surprisingly named the "Genius" for being so influential in their findings as to become the perfect synthesis between aspiration and knowledge through reason and great curiosity that fed the creative genius.

The "genius" is perhaps the only person in the world to have understood that man's desire to overcome their limits was not impossible, but only a stimulus that would take him to distort history and science.

2019 initiatives in Tuscany to celebrate Leonardo
In all parts of Tuscany are now confirmed decine initiatives to celebrate the 500th anniversary since his death in 1519. A real movement that wildfire will take shape throughout Europe, far beyond the borders of the territories that they lived.

The main events in our area

In Florence, the Uffizi, you can already visit the exhibition On Leonardo da Vinci's Codex Leicester. The water, which was nature Microscope capable to return to our country after 1982, the manuscript known as the Codex Hammer.

Still in Florence, in the Museo Galileo, the Conference Leonardo: the world of manuscripts (next October 2019), and two exhibitions Leonardo's library (between May and September) and Leonardo and perpetual motion (next year, may 2020), in collaboration with Birkbeck College, University of London.

Exhibitions also inside the Church of Santa Maria Novella, and obviously in Vinci, Leonardo's home, the place that gave birth to; where from April to October 2019 will stage the exhibition Leonardo da Vinci. The origins of Genius, the occasion join to find out the secrets and moments that have marked his life in his hometown.

It's not every day you live the great discoveries of Da Vinci through the testimonies of the places they saw him protagonist. The 2019 is the year of Leonardo, now a must-have for get carried away from the paths and the curiosity that still are the two pillars of our daily!