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The Best OFf dedicated to postcard: a revolution in the world of digital marketing

The passion for innovation comes the Emotion's PEMcards App S.r.l.

THE BEST OFf IT's TUSCANY welcomes an offer dedicated to those who want to share their special moments with friends and family, making them long-lasting (and what to do so choose to rely on the innovative custom postcard)!


The postcard evolves over time

The postcard is always regarded as a communication tool very important, emotional and informative function. Combining images of beautiful places around the world and personal dedications, is undoubtedly the symbol of human closeness that establishes a contact even at kilometres away.

Today, with the continuous evolution of the communication, the postcard is struggling to maintain this function and is increasingly diminishing the charm that had distinguished itself in the past. In particular young people, children of technology of smartphones and instant messaging platforms, are struggling to understand its value.

But why retire the old postcard when this can be transformed into a modern digital instrument? That's the question that Genes Bigliazzi and Andrea Gabriel themselves, and in response they created the innovative startups Emotion Srl. The postcard, old world communications revolution, is the Foundation of a new and brilliant idea of business that invests in digital.


The digital postcard from Emotion, everything through the app PEM

With Emotion s. rl. the postcard, in digital format, but as a strictly paper, back to being a communications hub extraordinary, especially as regards tourism marketing.

How does the PEMcards card? Easy! Just open the app PEMcards choose a picture from the gallery or click on time and enter the address you want to send it. and in a few steps here is ready the postcard, which will then actually delivered in paper form to the recipient at no extra cost. Easier than that!

With the PEMcards app that combines the thrills of the postcard, and the immediacy of the internet, you can send personalized postcards, always new, attractive and capable of imparting a tangible memory.



Much more than a simple postcard

The tangibility of the experience is a feature that the founders of PEMcards have decided to use as a tool for local marketing, able to connect people at hotels and at local companies, a custom layout.

Imagine how useful it would be for an accommodation facility providing custom postcards and branded its guests? With the Emotion card Srl all this is possible and becomes as simple as send greetings directly from the resort.

When it comes to marketing, IT's TUSCANY is always at the forefront: for this we project, with the intention of creating a synergy recognizing all the ethical value of a modern project that does not give up any old charm of postcard.