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The Corchiapark

In Versilia, a mountain to be explored

In Alta Versilia mountain lovers will find bread for their teeth. The tourist cave Antro del Corchia is indeed the main attraction of Corchiapark, a unique place that preserves natural beauty unparalleled as caves, mines and quarries.

Located on Mount Corchia, Antro del Corchia is today the largest hypogean environment of Italy. A complex of galleries and salons carved out by water over millions of years, into the heart of marble of Mount.

The tourist route that can be made, winds through a steel walkway through which to explore the most scenic spots of the cavebetween stalactites, entering shows high tens of meters.


The mercury mines


The Corchiapark also offers the possibility to visit the old mines of Quicksilver or mercury mines in operation until the first half of the 20th century. Their great particularity is to present, albeit in very small quantities, the pure mercury within the structure of the rocks, a phenomenon that can be observed only in a few places in the world.


The hiking trails


At Corchiapark there are also many beautiful paths along which to hike, with trips ranging from the easiest and the most demanding and time consuming. Among the most interesting the excursion to the Gothic line trenches, dug on Corchia during World War II in 1944-45.

Finally a beautiful day outdoors just visit Levigliani, an ancient village in the Apuan Alps between the beech and chestnut trees. The country offers a wide range of natural attractions, gastronomic and cultural, which is ideal for discovering a Versilia diverse and rich in natural beauty.


Further information on this site of Corchiapark.




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