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The collection of contemporary art in Villa Celle

The story of an artistic journey in the historical building of Sontomato, near Pistoia

In Santomato, a small village in the municipality of Pistoia, exists a historic building now houses some precious works of art. We're talking about Villa Celle, also known as the Fattoria di Celle, built in the fifteenth century, where he hosts an important collection of contemporary works of art known as Gori collection.

The merit of the collection that today you can visit within Villa Celle and its immense Park, is to be attributed to Giuliano Gori, an entrepreneur from Prato in the sixties, began collecting works by contemporary artists.


Interesting facts related to contemporary art collection

Gori was immediately dissatisfied with how the works had been exposed, and struck by visiting Barcelona Museum of contemporary art and the Venice Biennale, he began to think of a curious project.


The idea of environmental art

In 1981, the collector Gori involved an International Committee of art experts who had the task of developing an ethics regulation that was capable of guiding and protecting the environment and the works. The park surrounding the villa was to be respected both for the plant species within it, that by its structure, and the creation of new works was to be in sync with nature. For this reason, each artist involved chose their place within the Park, an ideal spot to create his works.


Critical acclaim

Over time were installed well 37 works by artists from all over the world, still visible today through the English garden and the farm adjacent to the villa.

National and international criticism expressed all his interest in what was organized and for the quality of the work done, since the inauguration, back when there were only few works.


Villa Celle in Santomato can be visited, taking the opportunity to discover a hidden corner of a charming village in the Montagna Pistoiese.


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