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The Chianti wine and its appeal

Sales growth for an excellence Made in Tuscany

Chianti wine continues to impress. This time it talks about his authentic taste, expression of grapes of Tuscany eccellenze nel mondo, but of Sales it recorded in the last period.

The data presented by the research organisation IRI for Vinitaly, confirm the growth of a product much appreciated for its taste and for its unique nature, heritage toscano sought after throughout Italy and abroad.


+ 8.5% in manufacturing and selling

Its production is grown in 2017 of 8.5% and make a greater contribution to this increase was the incontestable designations of origin.

Record sales for a product that has always been recognized for its value, and for its strong taste that goes well with the typical Tuscan cuisine. An ideal wine to taste and savor the authentic taste of Made in Tuscany, which made him the second wine with 13.103.261 liters mostly sold inside supermarkets.

In Italy the highest sales of wine Chianti are recorded in Lombardy with about 4 million bottles sold, while in second place with 3.3 million of bottles the Tuscany, a region that has chosen to serve the own excellence.


Chianti, perfect balance between quality and price

The data show how the best selling bottles are the ones with the size from 0.75 cl, and that consumers have chosen this wine not only because warranty on the market. Its cost per bottle is affordable compared to the high cultural value and quality that preserves forever.

It's Tuscany is proud to host some of the productions more careful and respectful of the values that this wine preserves for centuries. For this reason our marketplace offers a section that highlights the Chianti wine producers, a unique showcase for giving opportunity to anyone who wants to experience the wine to know his every feature and property.


Buy Chianti and becomes part of the record

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